Hydraulic Fluids

a) Hydraulic System Oils

Sigma System oils are blended from highly refined base stock and carefully selected additives like anti-oxidant , anti-wear ,anti-rust and anti-foam additives to impart superior long life performance. These oils are compatible with seals normally used in hydraulic systems. Sigma System oils are recommended for general hydraulic equipment in control & power transmission systems and for circulating equipments.

Category : Circulating Oils and Antiwear Type.

Grades available are :


Meet IS 3098: 1983 performance requirements.
Meet IS 10522 – 1983 performance requirements.

b) HLP Type Hydraulic System Oils

Sigma HLP grades are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils specially formulated from premium quality solvent refined base oils and high performance additives and have excellent product stability with good anti-wear performance.

Sigma HLP grades are recommended for the Lubrication of industrial machinery,Hydraulic systems of mobile and construction equipment,Hydraulic systems fitted with vane, gear or piston pumps,Plastic injection moulding machines and Medium duty compressors.

Grades available are :


Meet IS 11656 – 1986performance requirements.

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